Adding application fee to a season

As a part of the online registration setup, you can apply an application fee to orders. The application fee gets triggered automatically depending on your setup criteria.

Follow these instructions to apply application fee

  • Go to Jumbula Dashboard > Season
  •  Select the desired season > Setup > Charges > Add application fee

In Add application fee page:

  • Enter a Name
    Registrants see this name in their receipt
  • Select an option from the Applies to dropdown menu. The selected option determines how the application fee applies to orders.

There are four options:  

    • For each registration
    • One time per season for each participant 
    • One time per season for the entire family
    • Per season for the entire family with maximum
      By selecting this option you can determine:
      • amount per sibling
      • maximum amount for the entire family 

In this case, a family must pay the per sibling fee once for each member unless they have reached the maximum amount of the application fee by their previous orders. 

Application fee options

Maximum amount

  • Enter the Amount 
  • Determine the Eligible program
  • You can select any of the following options 
    • Apply application fee to drop-ins  
    • Apply application fee to punchcards 
    • Early bird pricing
      You cannot enable this option when applying the application fee to the per season for the entire family with maximum.

    add application fee
  • Click Save

Below is an example of what registrants see during check out process when the application fee is added.

Screenshot 2021-05-10 185427

To  edit/delete the application fee 

  • Go to Jumbula Dashboard > Season
  • Select the desired season > Setup > Charges
  • Hover over the ...  in the Actions column to edit or delete

Note: only one application fee can be added to each season. by hovering over the + sign and select add application fee, you just can edit the existing one. 

edit application fee


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