Adding classes and camps to your website

After creating classes or camps in your Jumbula Dashboard, you can use the website widget to generate HTML code and embed it in your website to display your programs.

Follow the instructions below

    • Go to Jumbula Dashboard > Toolbox > Integrations
    • Click on the Website widget

    By clicking on the Website widget, two items will appear. You must go through both of these items to integrate the programs into your website. 


    • First, click on the Widget setting
      Here, you must activate the Website widget and authorize your website for integration.
      • Tick the Enable the widget checkbox to activate it
      • Enter your website URL in the related blank section 
      • Click Add
        Once you add the website, it will be authorized and the integration will be possible. You can add more than one website if needed. 
      • Click Save
        When clicking on Save, a notification will appear. It informs you that the widget settings are updated successfully, so you can move to the second step of the website integration.

    Note: You need to go through this step just one time. However, you always can make changes, for example, adding a new website or deleting the current ones. Note that once you delete a website or disable the widget, the corresponding code will also be deleted from your website. 

    Screenshot 2021-07-07 163739

    • Click on the New widget
      The widget setup wizard has four main steps:

    First step: Programs

        • Enter a name for your new widget
          The name is just visible for you.
        • Select the desired season and programs for the integration
          You can integrate all of the programs within a season or select some of them. For selecting programs you have two options, select from the dropdown or select programs based on their type.
        • From the Columns section, select the information you want to be displayed on the table
        • In the Options section, tick the expired, frozen, and/or upcoming programs' checkbox if you want to hide them

      Second step: Appearance

        • Enter a Title for your table
          The title will be displayed at top of the table on your website. This is optional, so leave the section blank if you don’t need any title.
        • Choose the desired Theme
        • Click on the Pencil icon to edit the theme
          You can change the background and text color. The text in the registration button is editable too. You also can make the registration button corner rounded by increasing the number in the Rounding section. As you can see in the mobile preview section, the background color would not be changed in mobile view.


      Third step: Button action

      In this step, you must select which page users will get directed to by clicking on the registration button. You have two options:

        • Go directly to the registration flow

        • Go to the program description page


      Final step: Generate

      Now you can copy the given code and put it into the desired pages of your website. 

      Generate q


      Once the widget is created you can find it in your widget list. It is possible to copy the given code from there too. To do this:

      • Hover over the button
      • Select the View instruction
      Screenshot 2021-07-07 173454

      Note: It is not possible to edit the widget. If you want to make any change in the appearance or add/remove any columns, you must delete the existing widget and create a new one. Note that once you delete a widget, the corresponding code will also be deleted from your website.

      Note: Widgets are dynamic and automatically will be updated. In other words, if you add or delete any programs from your admin dashboard, the list of programs will be updated in the related table as well.


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