Autocharge system


The Installment Auto Charge Policies feature is designed to assist you in managing orders that are on a payment plan or with recurring billing. This feature will allow you to define what email messages should go out to both registrants and organization contacts after attempting to collect scheduled installment payments. You can use our default email messages or customize your own. You will define what messages are triggered for successful payments or failed payments as well as subsequent attempts. Finally, you will define how many times you want the system to retry and collect payments as well as determining how many days to wait from one attempt to another.

How to set up your Installment Auto Charge Policies


Go to Settings > Policies > finally Autocharge payments


Once you are on the setup page, you will find different sections, each with a set of configurable options. See below details for instructions.

The Initial attempt to charge

In this section, you will define what message goes out after attempting to collect an installment the first time. You can choose to use our default email content or you can add your own.


Then, you will be able to enable or disable which emails should get triggered.

  1. Email to users when a payment succeeded (this email cannot be disabled)
  2. Email to organization contacts if payment succeded
  3. Email to users if a payment fails
  4. Email to organization contacts if a payment fails
  5. Email to users if payment is put on hold
  6. Email to the organization contacts if payment is put on hold


Additional attempts to charge

If the initial attempt to charge fails, we can then retry up to four times. You can configure the retry policy based on the requirements of your organization.

The first item you will configure is The number of additional attempts, that you can select from the drop-down menu as you see below:


Note: Remember to configure your settings for each additional attempt.

Number of days to retry after the previous attempt

In this section, you will define when you want the system to retry the payment collection after the initial try. You will have options from 1 day after up to 7 days after the previous attempt.


Sending email configuration

Finally, you will define if you want an automatic email to go out if a payment fails for subsequent attempts.

  • Checkbox Send email to users if the payment fails if you want an email to get triggered automatically
  • Checkbox Send email to organization contacts if the payment fails if you want an email to get triggered automatically
  • Use our default email templates or add your own.

Note: Remember to configure this for each additional attempt


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