Bulk cancelation

You can cancel multiple or all orders of a single program at once using the Bulk cancelation feature.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Jumbula Dashboard > Seasons > Select the desired season 
  • Select the Programs and orders > Click on the desired program 
On the Program Registrations page:
  • Scroll the page down to find the orders list
  • Pick the orders that you want to cancel by ticking the blank checkbox
  • Click on the Bulk cancelation icon at the top of the page


On the Cancelation page:
  • Determine the amount for the Cancelation fee
    It is optional, therefore leave it blank if you don't want to charge any additional fees. You can enter both a fixed amount or percent for the cancelation fee. If it is specified as percent, the fee will be calculated based on the total price of the order. 
  • Enter an amount for the Prorate fee
    It is optional. The fee can be either a fixed amount or a percentage amount. The percentage amount is calculated based on the total price of the order. 
  • Determine the Effective date for the cancelation
    It specifies when you want the cancelation to take place. The participant(s) will be removed from the roster from this date forward. 
  • Write a description in the Note section
    It is an optional section. You can add more information about the cancelation here; for example, provide a reason for it. This note will be stored on the Order History page. 
  • Click Continue


On the Confirm page:

  • Check the information displayed and make sure it is correct.
  • Click Submit

Once you click Submit, you will be redirected to the Program Registrations page. If you check the order list, you will see that the selected orders are canceled and removed from the list. 


Bulk cancelation for before/aftercare program

For bulk cancelation of a before/aftercare program's orders, you must take almost similar steps. The only difference is that you cannot enable the prorate fee while canceling the order. The following screenshot displays the cancelation page for before/aftercare programs:

Beforeaftercare cancelation

To enable prorate fee:

  • Go to Setting > Policies > Programs

On the Program Policy page:

  • Find the Cancel section
  • tick the "Prorate the amount" checkbox
  • Click Save

Note: Bulk cancelation cannot be applied on the Drop-in or Punchcard orders. 


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