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We are pleased to announce the general availability of our Check-in/Check-out (CICO) feature, an advanced system to check students into a class and check them out. CICO supports two types of authentication codes, PIN and QR codes. These codes secure the attendance process and ensure that students are checked out by their parents or authorized persons. CICO also provides live attendance reports to track the status of students at any time. Furthermore, it allows an organization to set up late pickup fees and to automatically run the charges.

Generating the Authentication Codes

To use the Check-in/Check-out tool, parents need to first generate the authentication codes from their parent dashboard. Administrators can view these codes in the admin dashboard and can also regenerate them.

Parents in the Parent Dashboard

Step 1: Go to the dashboard and click on the icon seen in the image below:


Step 2: Note the "Pin Code" and "QR Code", you can view the codes or reset them by clicking on "Reset authentication code".


Admins in the Admin Dashboard

Step 1: Go to the Jumbula dashboard and click on "Toolbox" --> "Check-in/Check-out" --> "Authentication codes"


Step 2: Here you can search for a specific email for which you need the authentication code. If the email does not have a corresponding code, you can generate the code by hovering over the "Actions" button and clicking on "View authentication codes".


Step 3: You can view the authentication codes for parents and authorized individuals.


Step 4: You can use QR codes instead of PIN codes. Hover over the "Actions" button and click on "View QR code". You can also generate authentication codes on behalf of parents. Hover over the "Action" button and click on "Generate authentication code".


Checking in and Checking out Students

Step 1: Go to your Jumbula dashboard and click on "Toolbox" and then "Check-in/Check-out".


Step 2: Click on "Check-in/Check-out Tool", a new tab will be opened in your browser. Enter the authentication PIN code of the student who is checking into the class or checking out. You can also scan the QR code instead of entering the PIN code.



Step 3: At this step, you can click on "Check in" (if the student is entering the class) or "Check out" ( if the student is leaving the class).

Note: Here you have a time limitation of 30 seconds because of security reasons.


Note: The check-in/check-out status of students is displayed in front of their names.


Live Attendance Reports

Step 1: In the "Check-in/Check-out" page click on "Live attendance".


Step 2: From the "Session date" box, you should select the desired date. Set the filters: "Status", "Season", "Program" based on your needs, and then click on "View".


Step 3: Here you can see the report with all the associated data. From this report, you can also initiate the check-in and check-out of students using the "Actions" menu.


Note: "No action" is displayed for sessions that are ended.

By scrolling to the right side of your page you see the “More actions” column. When you check-in or check-out a student by mistake and want to undo it, hover over the related “More actions” menu, and click on “Undo check-out” or “Undo check-in”, also you can edit the time by clicking on “Edit check-out time” or “Edit check-in time”.


If you want to have your report as a PDF file, click on the red icon on the right corner of your page.


Late Pickup Fees

You might want to charge parents if they pick their children up late from a program to force them to be on time. Follow the steps below to define your late pickup charges. Note: Late pickup fee works in conjunction with Check-in Check-out tool.

Step 1: Go to your Jumbula dashboard and click on "Seasons", select your desired season and then "Setup" --> "Charges" --> "Add late pickup fee.


Step 2: Enter a name in the "Name" box, this will appear in the list of your charges.


Step 3: In the "Charge per minute" box enter the amount that you want to charge parents for every late minute.


Step 4: In the "Maximum charge" box you can set a maximum charge for the total amount per session. For example, if you set $1 for charge per minute and set $30 for the maximum charge, then if parents pick up student 35 minutes late, they will be charged a total fee of $30 instead of $35


Step 5: At this step you can determine when you want to run this charge, each day, each week or each month.


Step 6: By choosing "Selected programs" or "Selected schedules" you can assign this late pickup fee to the programs and schedules that you want. You can also apply this charge to all your programs and schedules by choosing "All programs" or "All Schedules" and then click on "Save".


Late Pickup Fee Report

Step 1: Go to your Jumbula dashboard and click on "Seasons", select your desired season and then "Reports" --> "Finance" --> "Late fee".late-fee-reports



Step 2: Choose the program that you want to have its late fee report from the "Program" drop-down menu and click on "View".


Step 3: You can export your report to the Excel or PDF file by clicking on the icons at the top right corner of your page.


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