Convenience fee overview

You can add a convenience fee to orders during the checkout process. This fee automatically gets triggered when orders are paid by a credit card, PayPal, or an electronic check. This feature can be used to compensate for credit card processing fees.

 Follow the instructions below

  • Go to Jumbula dashboard > Setting > Checkout
  • Scroll down to find the Additional charges section
  • Tick the Enable convenience fee checkbox 

Enable convenience fee

  • Determine the Amount
  • Enter a Name  
    You can enter a name, this name will be shown in front of the amount in the registrant`s receipt 
  • Add a Massage
    You can also add text that would show up at the checkout cart. 


  • Click Save 
    Once the convenience fee is enabled, whenever orders paid online, it will be applied.

Note: Convenience fees do not work for before/after care orders.

How convenience fee is calculated?

The calculation of the convenience fee depends on how you determine its type. You have two options:

  • Fixed Amount
    If a fixed amount is determined, a convenience fee is simply added to each order in the cart. Below is an example of a shopping cart when the convenience fee is $10. 
  • Percentage-based Amount
    When the convenience fee is percentage-based, it is added to the cart's total amount. It means if the registrant pays in full, the convenience fee is calculated based on the total price of the programs. In the installment payment plan, the deposit amount determines the amount of convenience fee.

    After the calculation, the convenience fee will break down into some smaller amounts and applies to each order in the cart. You can compare the following screenshots to get a better understanding.

    Blow is an example of a shopping cart when the user chose to pay the full amount at once. Here the convenience fee is 10%. 
percentage-based/ pay in full


The following screenshot shows the same shopping cart when the user choses the installment payment plan. Here the convenience fee is 10%. 

percentage-basedinstallment plan

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