Copying a season

When you create a season, you have the option of creating a new season or copying it from an existing season. You can use the copy option if the new season is similar to an existing season in order to streamline the process.

Follow the instruction below to copy a season

  • Go to Jumbula Dashboard > Seasons > Add season
  • Select the Copy an existing season option 
    • Select the season you want to copy from the dropdown menu
    •  Check the Push all the dates forward checkbox or leave it unchecked and continue. If you tick the checkbox, you can select a time period from 1 to 12 months and push all the dates forward. These dates include programs start and end dates, registration start and end dates, discounts expiration dates, coupon expiration dates, and payment plans dates. 

Note: When you copy a season, all the related programs, coupons, discounts, charges, payment plans, and registration email templates that have been previously set up will be copied. 

  • Click Continue


Once you click Continue, you will be directed to the next step which is Season information, here you should:

  • Enter a name for your season in the Name box
  • Select the season and the year, and provide an optional description 

  • Click Continue



In the final step, you can view the information about the new season. Based on the season that you chose to copy, the new season has a specific number of programs, discounts, coupons, and payment plans.

Once you click Submit, the new season will be added to your blade and you can manage it. 

Note: The copied season mode (Test or Live) will be based on the original season. You can use the Test mode to ensure the programs, dates, and all other information are correct before you switch the mode to Live.


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