Dependent care receipt

The dependent care receipt contains all the programs that a family has registered for. This receipt can be used to report certain expenses and claim tax deductions.

Pulling the report from the Administration Dashboard

You can generate this report for a particular family or perform it in bulk for all the families at the same time.

Dependent-care receipt for a particular family

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > People > Families
  • Use the search filter to find the family you want the dependent care receipt for
  • Hover over the ... button in the Actions column
  • Click Dependent care receipt

  • Select the time period
  • Click View Report 

Dependent care report view

The following screenshot shows a sample dependent care receipt. 

Dependent-care receipt in bulk for all families

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Reports
  • Select Finance > Bulk dependent care receipt

Dependent care report bulk mode

  • Select the desired year from the dropdown menu
  • Click Download Report

Dependent care report bulk mode download

Pulling the dependent care receipt from the Family Dashboard

  • Log in to the Family Dashboard 
  • Click Reports dropdown menu > Select Dependent care receipt

Dependent care user side

  • Select the time period

Dependent care user side view

If you want to download the report:

  • Click the dropdown menu next to the printer icon
  • Choose your desired format
  • Click Download

Dependent care user side download



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