The difference between the convenience fee and the surcharge

At first sight, the convenience fee and the surcharge seem similar. But conceptually they are different and have their own use cases.

What is the convenience fee?

Every time a registrant uses a credit card to register for your programs, you will be charged a credit card processing fee. The convenience fee is an option to recover this extra cost imposed on your business. The convenience fee automatically gets triggered when orders are paid by credit cards, PayPal, or electronic checks. You can learn how to enable the convenience fee here.

What is the surcharge?

The surcharge is an additional charge that is added to the cost of service or good, such as tax, beyond the initially estimated price. It usually is added to the original price to offset the cost of higher prices.  In other words, surcharges are a way to pass extra expenses to users in an indirect manner. Once you activate the surcharge, an extra fee is applied to orders regardless of the registrants’ payment methods.  You can learn about how to enable the surcharge here.


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