Email campaign suppression lists


Suppression list contains email addresses that your email campaigns have not been sent to them because of a reason, and depending on that reason they have been pushed to different categories in this list. When you send a new email, the email addresses that exist in these categories would not receive your email, unless they are in the categories that sending email to them can be attempted. See below to learn more.

Go to the Jumbula dashboard > Campaign > Suppressions to see the list of various suppression lists that we support.




This category includes emails of the users who have unsubscribed from the email campaigns and do not want to receive any more email campaigns. You can also manually add an email to this list or remove an email. When sending a campaign, we check this list first and will not send emails to any users on this list.


This category includes emails that have been rejected by the receiving mail server because the recipient's address is invalid, the domain name doesn't exist or the recipient is unknown. If an email is on the bounce list, we will auto drop any future requests to this email address


Blocks happen when your message was rejected for a reason related to the message, not the recipient's address. This can happen when your mail server IP address has been added to a deny list, blocked by an ISP, or if the message content is flagged by a filter on the receiving server.

Unlike addresses on our other suppression lists, new messages to blocked addresses will be attempted, as the message content is likely different, and may not be blocked


This category includes emails that their formats are not a valid email address. For example, if you forget to include the @ sign in the email address, put spaces or special characters, you will end up with an invalid email address. We will not deliver any emails to any recipients in this list.


Spam reports are triggered when an email recipient clicks the spam button or puts your email in their spam folder within their email client such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or AOL. Spam reports can only be gathered from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that provide a Feedback loop.

It is important that you permanently remove the emails in the spam list from your send list and do not send any more emails to them. Continuing to send emails to the users that have reported your email as spam can severely affect your deliverability rating.

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