Email campaign templates


Email templates can be used during setting up your email campaigns or live activity reminders, but first, need to be created, see below to learn more.

To get started, go to Jumbula Dashboard > Campaigns > Templates


This page lists all the templates that you have created and allows you to add a new template or edit an existing template. To edit or delete an existing template, click on the Actions menu and select the desired action.


To add a new template, click on the + sign or use the Add new template menu.


Next, use the HTML editor and enter the text and use the Edit and Add buttons to customize the template to your needs.

email campagin


Note 1: If the template that you want to delete is used in a campaign that is scheduled to be sent at a later time, you can still delete the template and the scheduled campaign will not be impacted.

Note 2: If you make any changes to a template, it will not affect the scheduled campaigns.

Note 3: When you're setting up a campaign, if you change the body of a template, it will not update the original template.

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