Email campaigns overview


You can use Email campaigns to send emails to a large number of users based on various criteria and conditions. You have the option of sending the campaigns immediately or schedule them for future delivery. There are three ways to send email campaigns:

  • To registered users
  • To user list
  • For class date

To get started, go to Jumbula Dashboard > Campaigns > Email campaigns and choose one of the three different methods to proceed.


Email campaigns to registered users

As its name suggests, this option allows you to send email campaigns to your registrants based on various criteria such as season name, program, camp schedules, dates. See the screenshot below.


In the Content step of the campaign wizard, you can also manually add more recipients by uploading a CSV file or using your user list. Hover over the Action menu to see the list of various options.


Email campaigns to user list

You can use this option for sending an email campaign to the users that may have not registered through Jumbula. For example, if you were using another online system before Jumbula, you can migrate your legacy users to Jumbula by creating a user list for them. To do this, use the User lists to upload the CSV file of the legacy users in Jumbula and assign a name to this list. You can find the User list under Live activity reminders.


Email campaigns for class date

Use this option if you want to send an email campaign to the participants of programs that are held on a specific date. For example, if your classes are canceled due to inclement weather, you can send a campaign to everyone who attends the class on that date and inform them of the cancellation.

Note: Currently, you can use this method for programs of class type only.



You can utilize the provided reports to monitor the outgoing campaigns, check the delivery rates, bounces, unsubscribes, etc. To access these reports, click on Email campaigns to see the list of campaigns that have been set up, hover over the Actions menu and click on View report.



Use the Templates to define common content and use them during the campaign set.


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