Enabling drop-ins for camps and classes


When you create a program with a defined schedule, you may want to offer registrants the option to register for individual sessions (drop-ins) rather than registering for the entire schedule. In this case, you can enable the "Drop-in" option and assign an individual session rate. See below to learn more about this feature.

When setting up a camp or class you will find this feature under the Schedules step --> Tuition options section.

Step 1: Check the Enable drop-in box, then you will see a Drop-in label box, here you can enter the label that will be visible to registrants, for example, Daily Drop-in.



Here you can see what will be displayed to your registrants:


Step 2: Then in the Tuition Labels section you can enable Drop-in for each tuition label in case you have more than one.


Step3: After enabling Drop-in for a tuition label you should allocate a name and price and if you would like you can specify the minimum number of drop-in days. This is useful if you would want registrants to pick a minimum amount of drop-in days per order.


This is a sample of what users will see when registering:


Once a user selects a drop-in option a calendar will collapse to display the available options:


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