Enabling the Waitlist

As a part of the online registration setup, you can activate the Waitlist feature. This feature can be enabled for Single registration as well as for Multiple registrations.

Enabling waitlist for Single registration


While setting up a new program, in the Basic Information step:

  • Scroll down to find the Enable waitlist checkbox
  • Tick the checkbox
    After checking the box you will be able to add your waitlist policy in the Waitlist policy box. 

basic information step

    Enable waitlist

    Once the waitlist is activated, it automatically triggers when the program reaches Its maximum capacity. For the waitlist to work, you must restrict the number of participants for that particular program by setting the program maximum capacity. To do so:

    • Click on the Save and continue to move to the Schedules & Fees step
    • Scroll down to find the Program enrollment capacity section
    • Set a maximum limit for the program

    set capacity limit

    What do participants see?

    The following screenshot displays the Registration page when the program is full. As you can see, the regular registeration button is replaced by ADD TO WAITLIST button.  


    Registrants will follow the regular registration flow to add the order to their cart, but they cannot pay for the program and complete their order. Instead, they will see a label that lets them know their order is now on the waitlist.


    Enabling waitlist for Multiple registrations


    If you use the season grid mode, which allows users to register for multiple classes at once, the waitlist must be activated for the Multiple registrations.

    • Go to Jumbula dashboard > Seasons
    • Select the desired season
    • Go to Setup > Multi-class registration > Additional options
    • Scroll the page down to find the Enable waitlist checkbox
    • Tick the checkbox
      After checking the box you will be able to add your policy in the Waitlist policy box.
    enable waitlist for multiple registrations

    Note: Once you enable the waitlist for Multiple registrations in a season, it automatically becomes activated for all the programs within that season. 

    What do participants see?

    Below is an example of the multi-class registration page when the program has reached full capacity. Program status displays that the program is full and only can be added to the waitlist. 



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