Family credit


When you cancel an order or make an adjustment you will have the option to do a refund or apply a family credit. This credit can be used towards an existing order from the admin dashboard. See below instructions to learn more.


Step 1: Search for the order either with the confirmation # or you can go to the Seasons →  then Programs and Orders, finally click on the program and find the order in mention. Next, you will view program details and edit or cancel the order - On the actions column click on Edit/Cancel (if you go directly to order “view details” the Edit/Cancel icon is on the top right hand, see sample below).


If canceling, click on the “Cancel entire order” option.


Step 2: Once the order is canceled you can now go back to that order and will find the refund option either on the “actions” column or on the top icons as shown on the below sample. You will have the option to apply a family credit instead of doing a refund.


You will enter the credit amount and can then choose from three different options.

  • Issue the refund automatically - this will return funds to the credit card automatically
  • My organization will issue the refund manually - you have already issued the refund and are just updating your order details
  • Transfer the balance to the family credit - the refund amount is transferred as a credit to the families account. [This is the option you choose]


Finally, click continue and then submit your request.


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