How can I apply a coupon to multiple orders?

Previously, in order to apply a coupon to a number of orders, you would have to apply it to each order one at a time. With this update, you can now apply a coupon to many orders at the same time.

Follow the instructions below

  • Go to Jumbula Dashboard > Season > your desired season > Programs and orders 
  • From the list of the programs find the program name where you want to apply the coupon to
  • Hover over the ... in the Actions column
  • Click on the Orders action


You will be directed to the orders for that program, next:

  • Scroll down to see the list
  • If you want to add your coupon to all your orders check the first box, if not, check the box for individual orders
  • Scroll up and click on the Apply coupon icon at the top of the page


apply coupon

Ensure that you have already defined the bulk coupon. 

  • Select the coupon that you want to use from the Coupon dropdown menu
  • Select the desired schedule from the Schedule date dropdown menu

Note: You see the Schedule date dropdown menu, if you are applying the coupon to a Before/After care program. You can select as many schedules as needed.

  • Click Continue

coupon for camp


  • Check the summary page and click Submit




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