How can I apply a payment plan to my season?


A payment plan can now be added to both single programs and/or to the entire season if you are using the multi-program registration mode. When using the multi-class registration mode, a registrant can select multiple programs at once and select a payment plan option before reaching the checkout screen. See below instructions on how to add a payment plan to your season.

Step 1: Create a payment plan

Click on your Season of choice --> next click on Setup --> finally click on Payment plans

If you need help on how to create a payment plan you can view this tutorial video [click to view video].


Step 2: Add your payment plan to the season registration mode

Click on your Season --> next click Setup --> then click on Multi-class registration  --> finally click on Payment plans


Once you reach this screen you will be able to select the payment plan of choice from the drop-down menu. You can select more than one if needed. Note that if you want to apply a payment plan at the season level the payment plan needs to be eligible for all programs, this is done when you create the payment plan.


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