How can I collect multiple installments with one transaction?

You can configure the Autocharge or the Installment Reminder system to merge all the installments due on the same day into one payment. With this configuration, users see only one charge on their credit cards for multiple installments.

Autocharge installments

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Settings
  • Select Policies > Autocharge payments
  • Scroll down to see the Additional options section
  • Check the Collect all installments in one bulk payment box
  • Click Save

installments bulk payment

Installment reminders

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Settings
  • Select Policies > Manual payments
  • Choose the Per family option
  • Click Save
per family payments
The following screenshot illustrates an installment reminder email. As you can see, the family has received one email for two installment payments. Furthermore, the family can pay for both installments with one payment. 
make payment


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