How can I revert a family credit so it can be refunded?


It is possible to revert a family credit so you can then apply a refund. In this case, you will first need to transfer the balance back to the order and you can then complete the refund action. To do so follow the below steps.


Step 1: Go to the order view details page where you can see the Payment History information.



Step 2: Once you are on the view detail page you can scroll down to the Payment History section and find the Family Credit transaction.



Next, you would click on the Actions column and select the "undo transfer" option.



Step 3: Now you can manually input what amount you want to reverse and apply back to the order.





Step 4: Now that the balance is back to the order you can go to view order details and you can now follow the regular steps to complete a refund by clicking on the refund icon.



Note: There is an alternate way to revert the family credit by going to the People icon -> Families -> and from a family's action column you would go to transactions. This will give you a list of all transactions, you would need to identify the family credit transaction and then select the "undo" option from the Actions column.



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