How can I sell extra services or merchandise to users?

In addition to offering programs to users, you can also sell other services or merchandise such as t-shirts.

Follow the instructions below

If you are setting up a new program, you can set up the extra services in the Schedules & Fees step:

Schedules and Fees

If you have already set up your program, go to the season, click Setup and select the program. Then hover over ...  in the Actions and select Edit schedules & fees.

Schedule and Fee

  • Scroll down to find the Extra services section
  • Click on Add Extra service button
    Select the desired option from the dropdown menu
    • Lunch
    • Daycare
    • Custom: This option can be used for customizing new services or selling merchandise.

         You can choose an option more than once or choose all the three options at                   once, there is no limitation.

add extra services

By selecting an option two boxes will appear (for camps there will be three boxes), fill in the boxes with the required information.

custom label

    • Click on Advanced options button and provide a description
    • To make the extra service mandatory, tick Apply the extra service automatically when a tuition label is checked checkbox

advanced options


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