How can families use their account credit at checkout?


After doing a program cancellation or a partial adjustment you can either refund the money or you can apply it as a credit for the corresponding account. In the past, only the administrator could apply a credit towards an order balance. Now, registrants will be able to use the credit at checkout time.

How to use credit at checkout?

Activate the Family Credit feature by going to Settings -> Checkout -> next go to the "Family credit" section and check the box. This option will be unchecked by default.



Once the registrant has reached the checkout cart, they will now see a section with their available credit. On the example below, you will see this account has a $100 credit.



To use the credit, you just need to change the switch button to "Yes". This will finally update the balance due and the registrant can proceed to place the order. If there is a remaining balance then this would be collected before completing the transaction.



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