How can I change a payment plan?


Participants who register with a payment plan might later need to make changes or adjustments. With our new payment plan feature enhancement, you can now easily switch an order from one payment plan to another or add installments to an existing payment plan. 

Where do I find this feature?

Once an order is placed you can then edit the payment plan by going to view the order details.


Step 1: Go to the order you want to edit (go to order view details view)

Step 2: Next you will go to the actions tool highlighted below and then click on "switch payment plan".



Step 3: Finally you will be able to add a payment plan to an order that does not have a payment plan or you will be able to switch from one payment plan to another.

Switch a payment plan - you can choose from the drop-down menu and change the payment plan associated with the order, you can then make any necessary edits to the individual installments.



Add a new installment - you can manually edit each installment or add a new installment.




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