How can I use the family credit donation feature?


After canceling an order you have the options to refund the money back to the registrant's credit card or you can apply a family credit. We now have a new option that will allow you to move the balance or a partial amount from a canceled order as a donation.

Where do I find this feature?

Once you have canceled an order you will see a refund option. After clicking on the refund icon you will now see a fourth option labeled as "Transfer the balance as a donation".

You can then manually enter the amount that would be moved as a donation, it can be the total or a partial amount.


What if I have already moved the balance to family credit?

With the new donation feature, you can now go to an existing family credit and move the balance or partial balance as a donation. Follow the below steps to adjust a family credit.

Step 1: Go to People -> Families, now you will see all the families, and one of the columns will display the credit amount.

Step 2: Next you will click on the actions column and then select "Transactions".



Step 3: Now you will click on the top right-hand icon to "Adjust family credit".



Step 4: Finally, you select the debit adjustment type and manually enter the amount that you need to move as a donation.



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