Jumbula product roadmap and upvote

The roadmap and upvote online system centralizes the dissemination of information with regard to the delivery of new features. Furthermore, It allows clients to provide feedback for the features in the pipeline or request new features.

System Overview

The online system includes four sections:

  • Roadmap: This section displays the features that are in the pipeline in various stages of development, in-progress, near future, or in future. You can click on a feature to leave a comment or upvote it.

  • Give feedback: Use this section to submit your request for adding a new feature or upvote an already requested feature. When you request a new feature, please choose the most relevant category.

  • Released: We provide the list of the latest features that have gone live under this tab.

  • Changelog: In this section can see the blogs and the latest news.

How to request a new feature?

  • Go to the Admin dashboard > Toolbox > Product roadmap

  • After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the following page


  • Click the Give Feedback tab 
  • Select the desired category from the Categories dropdown menu 
  • Click Suggest idea

  • In the popup window, explain your requested feature and attach a screenshot if need be
  • Click Submit

Note: After you submit your request, we will review your feedback, and then the team publishes it in the Give Feedback section for other users to see.

How to upvote a feature?

You can click on the heart icon on the left side of each feature to vote for your specific feature

Note: We will consider all your requested features very seriously and use the upvotes to prioritize the list. Therefore, we strongly suggest you participate in the voting process and provide comments.


Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Contact our support team at support@jumbula.com.