Live activity reminders overview


We are pleased to announce the general availability of the Live Activity Reminder feature. Traditionally, with the Campaign system, you can communicate with your users by sending them one message for each campaign setup. If you want to send them another communication, you need to schedule another campaign. Live activity reminders provide the capability to send a sequence of messages to your users with only one setup.

Live activity reminders can be session based or program based. Session-based reminders send a message for each session of a class. A typical use case can be to send an email to your users prior to each session of your program to remind them of the upcoming class, the agenda, and so on. Program-based reminders send only one email to a participant for the entire program, not each session of the program. This method is useful, for example, to send a welcome message when someone enrolls for a class. You can set up both kinds of these reminders for a program, they are not mutually exclusive.

Follow the instructions below 


  • Go to Jumbula Dashboard > Campaign > Live activity reminders
  • Select the type of the reminder, Program reminder, or Session reminder


In the program or session reminder page:

  • Enter a name in the Reminder name field 
    This is for your reference and this name will be displayed in the Live Activity Reminders list.
  • Select your desired Season type and Year from the dropdown boxes. Note that season type refers to the type of the season such as fall or spring, it is not the season name. If you want to use the season name option, click on Switch to season name view.
  • You can include all the programs in a season by selecting the All programs option or you can select specific programs by selecting the Selected programs option.

Note: For camp or before/after care programs, you will have two additional options, All schedules, and the Selected schedules.


reminder name-3


activity reminder

In the Sender section:

  • Click on the From dropdown menu, the options in this dropdown menu are the emails associated with your account.
  • Select the one that you want to be shown to your recipients as the from field.
  • Use the Reply to field to choose the email that the replied-to emails should be sent to.
  • Use the Cc (carbon copy) and Bcc (blind carbon copy) to further configure the emails.
  • Enter the subject for your email in the Subject box. Note that you can use the merge tags in the live activity reminders. Click on the information icon i to see the list of options.
    merge tags

In the Email body section:

  • Enter the content in the Email body, use the merge tags as needed.
  • Use one of the email templates that you have saved before if you want by checking the Use template from the library checkbox.
    email body-1
  • Click on the Select files... button if you want to attach any files to your email.
  • Click on the Save & continue.

attach file

In the Event step:

  • Select whether the reminder should be sent before or after the session starts.
    • If you select the After option, only the Day drop-down box will be displayed for you.
    • If you select the Before option, the Advanced options section will be displayed in addition to the Time field.

      In the Advanced options part, if you select the first option, the new reminders will go out as soon as the first scheduled email triggers. With this option, you can schedule the first email, and then instruct the system to send a reminder to a participant as soon as the participant enrolls in the program. If you do not choose this option, the reminders will go out at scheduled times. 

      If you do not want to send the reminder to the already registered participants, select the second option.
      advanced options
  • Click on the Save & continue button.

Preview your settings and the email content in the preview step; send a test email if need be, and then click on the Submit button if everything looks good.

After submitting, you will be directed to the Live Activity Reminders page. This page lists all the reminders that you have scheduled and gives you the ability to stop, edit, or delete a reminder. Hover over the ... in the Actions column to see the various actions you can perform on a reminder.

edit option

Use the Activity feed action to check the status of the reminders such as open, click, and delivery status.reminder-activity-feed-1


From the Activity Feed page you are able to cancel the scheduled reminders for a specific participant by hovering over ... in the Action column and selecting the Cancel reminder. Note that after the cancellation the Cancel reminder will change to Undo cancel.

cancel reminder

undo cancelation

Use the Search button to filter the activity feed based on your needs.



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