Lottery system

The lottery system allows you to randomly choose the users who can register for a program among a candidate pool of users. This feature is useful for popular programs that have limited capacity and you want to select users based on a fair system.

The lottery feature allows users to go through the registration flow and partially sign up for a program. The registration, however, is not complete and the users are placed on a waitlist. The administer of the program monitors the waitlist and, when the lottery enrollment period expires, runs the lottery. The lottery system randomly chooses the winners from the pool of candidates. You can then notify the winning registrants to finalize their enrollments. You also have the option of completing the registrations from your admin dashboard on their behalf.

Follow the instructions below

To set up the lottery system:

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Season 
  • Choose your specific season > Setup > Multi-class registration > Program information
  • In the General registration section, check the Enable lottery box
  • Enter the lottery open date and time
  • Enter the lottery close date and time
  • Click Save



What do users see?

Once you have enabled the lottery option, users will be able to go to your Jumbula home site and add items to their carts during the lottery period.

Users click on the register button as they would usually do when registering for programs.

lottery users

After users click the register button, they will proceed to log in and select the desired programs. At this point, the system will clearly display a warning: Lottery does NOT reserve a place in the class. It also specifies the date users will be notified about the lottery results. Next, the user will click on the Continue to Lottery button, and will fill out the online registration form. 

lottery users2

Users will see the same warning message on the final checkout page.

lottery users3

To run the lottery:

  • Go to the Admin dashboard > Season
  • Choose your specific season > Programs and orders
  • Find your specific program from the list > Hover over the ... in the Actions column > Click Lottery

lottery option

  • Once you are on the program lottery page, click on the top middle dice icon.  You have a chance to view the program assigned capacity and the number of candidates, and then you can initiate the drawing.  When you run the lottery, the system randomly chooses the winning candidates based on the available capacity.

    Also you can mark a participant as a candidate manually before drawing the lottery, to do so:
    • Find the participant that you want to mark as candidate
    • Hover over the ... in the Actions column
    • Click Mark as candidate



  • Before finalizing the lottery you have the option of marking a candidate as a winner, removing a winner from the list, or completing the registration for a candidate by hovering over the ... in the Actions column.
mark as won

  •  The lottery is not final until you click on the checkmark icon on the top right-hand side to finalize the selections. 


  • After you finalize the lottery, you can use the email icon on the top right-hand side to notify the candidates about the results of the lottery. You should instruct the winners to complete their enrollments before the general registration opens by going back to their carts and pay.
    You also have the option of finalizing the enrollment on behalf a candidate, hover over the ... in the Actions column and click on the Complete registration action.

email winner



Note: You can use the Complete registration action at any stage of the lottery for the participants with any status. 

      As an admin, you are able to go to the program lottery page and see the list of winning candidates who have completed their registrations.


You can remove the participants who did not win the lottery by hovering over the ... in the Actions column of the participant and clicking on the Remove action.


Note: If a program is not full, when the general registration opens then registrants would be able to complete their orders as usual.



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