Managing a season

The manage season feature enables you to edit, delete, and archive a season.

Follow these instructions to manage a season

  • Go to Jumbula Dashboard > Season
  • Select the desired season > Setup > Manage season

Manage season

You have three options

      • Edit
      • Delete
        You must delete all the programs from a season in order to be able to delete the season.  

Note: Once you delete a season, you will not be able to  recover it.

      • Archive
        After you archive a season, it will be removed from the blade and placed into Archived seasons menu.

Warning: It is possible to register for the programs that are in an archived season. If there are any programs that are live, you need to delete or freeze them.

Unarchiving an archived season

  • Go to Jumbula Dashboard > Season
  • Scroll down to find the Archived seasons section
  • Click on the desired season from the Archived seasons menu
  • Click Unarchive 



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