Meta (Facebook) Pixel integration

You can integrate Jumbula with Meta (Facebook) Pixel to track, refine and target your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

What is the Meta (Facebook) Pixel?

Meta Pixel is an analytics tool that collects data whenever a user takes an action on your website. Based on this data, you can optimize ads, target audiences, and remarket ads to the users who have already interacted with your website. You can click here to learn more about Meta Pixel.

Meta Pixel base code or Pixel ID is needed to integrate Pixel with any website. You can click here to create the Pixel and copy your Pixel ID.

Attention: Due to the new policies of Meta company (formerly Facebook), to use the services of this company, you must verify your website domain. Domain verification allows you to manage editing permissions over your links and content in order to help prevent misuse of your domain. It's free to verify your domains. Learn more about domain verification.

Domain verification instructions

Tip:  Before you begin

  1. You must have a Business Manager.
  2. Only Business Manager admins can verify domains.
  3. You must have admin or developer access to your domain.
  • Business Settings > Brand Safety > open Domains
  • Click Add
  • Enter your root domain without any prefixes.

Warning: Please enter your domain in the "" form.

The following examples are not acceptable: or

  • Click Add.

There are 3 domain verification methods. Select one of the following options to verify your domain:

Add a meta-tag to your HTML source code

  • Copy the meta-tag on your Business Manager
  • Reach out to Jumbula support and send the code. 
  • Jumbula support will do the rest.

Upload an HTML file to your root directory

  • Download the HTML verification file on your Business Manager screen. (Remember, don’t make any changes to the file after you download it.)
  • Upload the HTML file to the root directory of your domain.
  • Go back to Business Manager > click on the link in step 3 to confirm that you can see the verification code on your website.

Update the DNS TXT record with your domain registrar

  • Go to your domain registrar > log in.
  • Go to the DNS records section.
  • Go back to your Business Manager screen > copy the TXT record in step 2.
  • Add the TXT record in your DNS configuration by following the instructions from your domain registrar.
  • Use a DNS TXT lookup tool to confirm the TXT record has been updated across your servers.

Read more about verifying your domain

Final Step

  • Click Verify Domain on your Business Manager to screen.

Note: If the Meta company can’t verify your domain and faced an error message. Learn more about how to troubleshoot if domain verification fails.

Facebook Pixel integration instructions

  • Copy your Facebook Pixel ID
    The following screenshot is an example of the code that will be copied from the Facebook Pixel. You just need the Pixel ID to connect Jumbula with the Pixel.
    The Pixel ID is shown in the red box. 

    facebook pixel id1
  • Go to Jumbula dashboard > Toolbox > Facebook Pixel
  • Paste your Pixel ID 
  • Click Save

    facebook pixle

    After successful integration, the Pixel can track certain actions taken by users on the Jumbula. Facebook calls these actions events. The events that can be monitored on Jumbula by Pixel are:

    • PageView: Number of pageviews by users
    • Initiate Checkout: When a visitor selects a product or a service, adds it to the cart, and clicks on the checkout button, the Initiate Checkout event triggers
    • Add to Cart:  Someone adds a program to the shopping cart 
    • View Content: Someone lands on a specific page on Jumbula
    • Purchase: Someone completes the online registration 

    Reporting examples

    Once the integration is completed, upcoming events on your Jumbula account will be tracked and analyzed by Pixel. Below are some sample reports to give you an idea about the extent of information that you can capture.



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