Offline registration


Besides having an online registration option, you might also need to register someone directly from your admin dashboard or what we consider an offline registration. See below instructions to learn more.

Follow these steps to perform an Offline Registration:

  1. Go to SEASON → click on PROGRAMS
  2. Find the PROGRAM of choice, then go to the ACTION column and click on OFFLINE REGISTRATION
  3. If the participant has already registered before you can search by email. If not go to the top right had to plus (+) sign and click on it. Here you will create the new family email, this will be used as their account username
  4. Once you have added the new family email, use the search option to find the email. then click the REGISTER option on the action column
  5. This will take you to the registration process for the selected program. (You will have the option to complete the registration and can make a payment or choose to make the payment at a later time)

In order to register a participant for several programs, follow the below steps

  1. In your dashboard, select the first program you want to place an order and complete your offline order until you put the first order in the cart
  2. Next, go back to your dashboard and select the next program and click on "Offline register"
  3. Now you will redirect to the page that asks you if you want to add this item to the cart See screen-shot sample. 


Note: Here you would finally select the second option "Add another order to this family", and repeat as needed


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