How can I activate my Jumbula account?

How can I activate my Jumbula account?

Follow these steps to activate your Jumbula account. You will need your credit card information to activate and set automatic billing.

Follow the instructions below

To add your credit card information and activate your account:

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Settings > Account 
  • Click Upgrade to paid plan 

  • Provide the requested information
  • Click Submit

To edit the credit card information:

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Settings > Account 
  • Click Billing
  • Click Edit Payment Method

Edit payment method

  • Provide the requested information
  • Click Update

update payment method

To see the history of the completed payments:

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Settings > Account 
  • Click Billing history

billing history

billing history page

  • If you want to download the invoice for each transaction and keep it in your records, hover over the ... in the Actions column and click on the Download invoice

download invoice1



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