Scheduling Program for Private Sessions and Group Casses

Scheduling Program for Private Sessions and Group Casses


The Scheduling feature is designed for those looking to enhance their course offerings by providing private sessions and group classes in a drop-in style. The Scheduling feature allows program operators to create multiple classes at different times on the same day, accommodating various learners' preferences and availability. At the same time, users can register for each session individually, allowing them to choose classes that align with their schedules. Also, this option offers packaged sessions that simplify the registration process for users and will enable discounts for those purchasing multiple sessions.

Follow the instructions below to use the Scheduling feature 

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Seasons > Your desired season 

  • Choose Setup > Programs > Add program 

  • Select Scheduling 

Note: To keep this educational article concise, we have focused on the essential aspects of the article.

Enter the program's details on the Basic information step. 

In the Schedules & fees setup step, you can customize the preferred private lesson program. 
  • Hover over the Program schedule section > Select your desired days 

  • Enter the start and end dates of your program 

Note: This program allows you to create and have multiple classes at different times in one day. Even if you have different instructors, you can choose a time that works for all of them. For example, you can choose to have a class at 8 am twice, and two different instructors will hold those classes.  
To have a proper categorization of class programs, please provide your desired information in the Tuition & Fees section. This will help prevent any disruptions during the class. 
  • Enter the Start time of your classes in the first field 

  • Provide the Duration (minute) of each session of your classes 

  • Specify the desired Break time (minute) duration between your classes 

  • Select the Price per session for your classes 

  • Set the capacity for your class sessions 

Note: Classes are classified based on durations and break times that you enter; It is editable per session.

When you select the days for your classes, a separate section will be generated for each chosen day (e.g., Monday). In each section, you can specify the number of sessions you wish to hold per day. 

  • Click Add sessions > Choose the number of your session 

  • Select your desired class Start time 

  • Enter your class sessions Capacity 

You can list all your additional services and set their prices using the Add extra services option. By using this option, you are able to add LunchDaycare, and other services, and in this way, users can decide to select these services when they enroll in a program.


There are three registration methods for users of these classes: 
  1. Single session: Users can register for their preferred sessions individually.

  1. Packaged session: The registration process can be simplified for users, and discounts can be offered to those who purchase multiple sessions. 

  2. Membership: Users can be charged based on a specific membership model for private lessons rather than per individual session.

Note: When using the Single Session method, you can choose to set both a Minimum and Maximum session limit during registration. This option ensures that the registrant participates in a minimum number of sessions.

To create and include a Packaged session:
  • Hover over Program options > Check the Packaged sessions box  

  • Click Add package  

  • Enter your desired Period 

Bi-weekly: The system chooses a session for the users every two weeks. 

Weekly: The system selects a session for the users weekly. 

                          Every 4 weeksThe system selects a session for the users every 4 weeks.

To create and include a Membership:
  1. Check the Membership box 
  • Choose your desired payment period

Bi-weekly: The system chooses a session for the users every two weeks. 

                          Weekly: The system selects a session for the users weekly. 
                          Every 4 weeksThe system selects a session for the users every 4 weeks. 

  1. Add the price for your subscription according to the chosen period

Note: You can set and choose a payment rule under Automatic charge for your subscription private lesson
  • You have the option to set Participant restrictions for class registration 

  • Click Save & continue 


In the final section of setup, choose your desired forms and waivers. 
  • Click Save & continue

  • Click Complete 

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