Subscription Program for Classes with a Subscription-Based Model

Subscription Program for Classes with a Subscription-Based Model


The Jumbula Subscription program makes it easy for program providers to accept ongoing membership fees in addition to one-time registration payments. With the Subscription program model, you can offer monthly, bi-weekly, and every four weeks membership options and automatically bill participants. This is ideal for organizations that want to provide access to services for a defined period of time through paid memberships or offer subscriptions. 

Follow the instructions below to use the Subscription feature 

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Seasons > Your desired season 

  • Choose Setup > Programs Add program 

  • Select Subscription 

Note: To keep this educational article concise, we have focused on the essential aspects of the article.

Enter the program's details on the Basic information step. 

In the Schedules & fees setup step, you can customize the preferred subscription-based program. 
  • In the Program schedule section, enter the start and end dates of your program

Note: If the program does not have an end date, you can use the "and never ends" option on the Program schedules drop-down menu. By using this option, you can also avoid setting a registration end date.

Users can pay their Tuition & fees using three different models:
  1. Monthly: The users will be automatically charged every 30 days.

  1. Every 4 Weeks: This option charges users on a 28-day cycle, and it should be noted that when a user begins their payment on a Monday, the fee will recur on each following Monday after 28 days.

  2. Bi-Weekly: The users will be automatically charged every two weeks.

To create Monthly tuition and fees, you have two options to deduct the fees:
  1. Calendar-based fee deduction:
In this method, the user will be charged at the beginning of each month. If a user registers in the middle of the month and you select this method, the cost is calculated from their registration date to the first of the next month.

  1. Roll Over fee deduction:
Users pay their fees every 30 days starting from the day of registration. This subscription does not reset on the first day of each month.

You can set and choose a payment rule under Program options for your subscription-based program.
Note: You can choose to deduct the fee when a user registers for your program. In such a case, please make sure to check the Capture the first payment at the registration time box.
  • You have the option to set Participant restrictions for class registration 

  • Click Save & continue 

In the final section of setup, choose your desired forms and waivers. 
  • Click Save & continue

  • Click Complete 

Subscription Order Management

You have the ability to Pause/Resume a subscription order and also Cancel/Undo a subscription. To use these order management options, please follow the instruction below:
  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Seasons > Your desired season

  • Select Programs and orders

  • Hover over the ... button in the Actions column
  • Click Orders

  • Choose your desired participant
  • Hover over the ... button in the Actions column
  • Select View details

To Pause/Resume a subscription order:
  1. Click on Pause icon on the top right corner of the image

  1. Select desired Effective pause date
  2. Choose desire Effective resumption date
  3. Click Save
Note: During the period between the effective pause date and the effective resumption date, Jumbula will not deduct any installments or subscription fees.

To resume the subscription, click on the resume icon located at the top right corner of the image, and confirm the action.
Note: If you wish to resume the subscription, please ensure you do so before the Effective Resumption Date. After that point, the subscription will automatically revert to normal status.

To Cancel/Undo Cancellation of a subscription order:
  1. Click on X icon on the top right corner of the image

  1. Select desired Effective date
  2. Click Save

To resume and undo the subscription cancellation, click on the resume icon located at the top right corner of the image, and confirm the action.

Subscription Order Modification

You have the ability to Edit/Modify a subscription order. To use these order modification options, please follow the instruction below:

Contact us 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Contact our support team at

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