Preregistration and early registration

You can leverage the advanced preregistration and early registration features in addition to the general registration to implement your business processes in Jumbula.

Preregistration feature

The preregistration feature allows users to register for programs before the enrollment period starts. However, they cannot pay and check out their enrollments until the program enrollment date starts. This is very convenient for busy users who do not have the time to go through the entire registration flow when registration begins. Note that we do not reserve any spots for preregistered enrollments until registration starts and users pay for their enrollments.

To enable the preregistration feature:

  • Go to the Admin dashboard > Seasons

  • Choose your specific season > Setup > Multi-class registration > Program information
  • Check the Enable preregistration box


  • Enter the preregistration open date and time
  • Enter the preregistration close date and time
  • Click Save

Note: When enabling the preregistration or the early registration feature, you are required to enter the general registration open and close dates.


Attention: It is not possible to enable both the early registration and preregistration features at the same time. If you need to use both the features at the same time, you can enable the early registration after the preregistration period ends.

Early registration feature

The early registration feature is a mechanism that allows certain users (e.g. current clients vs. new clients) to register before the general public. ‌Early registration allows you to set a password and restrict access to the program; only the target users who have the password can access the program and register earlier.

Note: If you don't set a password to restrict access for the early registration feature, it would act the same as the general registration.

To enable the early registration feature:

  • Go to the Admin dashboard > Seasons

  • Choose your specific season > Setup > Multi-class registration > Program information
  • Check the Enable early registration box

 early registration

  • Enter the early registration open date and time
  • Enter the early registration close date and time
  • Check the Restrict access with a password box
  • Enter your password in the Password field
  • Type a message in the Restriction message field, it would be visible to your users
  • Click Save

 early registration_check box


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