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We have enhanced our online registration forms and how they are connected to the family profiles. The Default and Default School forms now have more fields and added sections. You have complete control over what information you collect by enabling or hiding different sections and fields. If you decide to customize your form with new questions it will have some impact on the form auto-fill and profile data. Below are feature highlights, best practices and a tutorial video.

Default / Default School Forms

Under the registration form drop-down menu, you will see a Default and Default School template. We have enhanced each template with more sections and fields with the objective to reduce customization work on your part. The Default form is intended for programs that are not linked to a school and is more general. The Default School form has several sections and fields that are more specific to school programs.


Layout of the Form Fields

You now have the possibility to adjust the layout of your forms. We have included an edit option that allows you to change the width of your fields. This gives you more control on how each section will look like and is particularly useful when you might have long text questions and you need to expand the width of that field. You can also re-arrange the order of your sections and questions within a section.


Standard vs Custom Fields

All the fields/questions that are pre-built in our default forms are considered Standard Fields. If you create an entirely new question then it is considered a custom field. We strongly recommend using standard fields as much as possible, the reason being that these are automatically connected (mapped) to the family profiles and a more efficient report generation system. If you create custom fields you can still run custom reports to view the collected information. The sample below shows standard fields, some are enabled, others are not. If you create a new section or a new field within a standard section they are considered custom fields.


Hide/Enable Tool 

When you are working on customizing your template, you will have the option to enable or hide most fields, except those that are required by Jumbula system, such as participant name. When a section or field can be hidden or enabled you will see an "eye" icon (grayed out icon means it is hidden). When customizing your template you will enable all the needed items and then you will save your new form under a new template name.


Parent Dashboard

After a registration is completed the system will automatically populate the profile information for the participant, parent/guardians,  authorized pickups, etc. The information collected from the standard fields will fill or update the corresponding fields in the parent dashboard. Furthermore, for any subsequent registrations, the parent dashboard profile data will be used to automatically auto-fill any corresponding fields in the registration form.



How Autofill Works

When a returning family registers, the online registration form will be auto-populated based on the data collected in the family profile. Here it is important to note, that only STANDARD fields will be automatically populated. If you created a new custom question then this would not be automatically filled. Keep this in mind when you are building your form templates.


Best Practices

  • Use standard fields when possible. This is a general recommendation that will improve both the auto-fill function and how information is mapped out to the family profiles. Custom questions are a great way to capture any additional information not included in our default templates, remember those questions will not auto-fill for returning participants.
  • In the Default School form under the Authorized Pickup section, you will see a field called "This person is also an emergency contact". This field can eliminate the need to add an Emergency Contact section. To use this option, simply enable this field and save your form.
  • We have included the "Grade" question in both the Participant section and the School section. You can determine which one to use. If both are enabled at the same time the system will prompt you with an error message.
  • On the Parent/Guardian information section, you can now enable the address field. This can eliminate the need to collect contact information as a separate section. This is useful when parents/Guardians might have different addresses and this way you collect the information for each one.
  • On the address field, you can now select "Address type" and choose US, Canada or International.

Registration Form - Tutorial Video



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