Registration forms report

After collecting registration you will have several ways to view your data. If you would like to run a full report in a PDF format with all the collected data you can use the Registration forms report.

Follow the instructions below

  • Go to the Admin dashboard > Season > Select the desired season
  • Select Reports > Registration data > Registration forms



Now on the Registration Forms Report page:

  • Determine if you want to run the report for all the programs or some programs and schedules by choosing one of the options. Note that by choosing the Selected programs option or the Selected schedules option a dropdown box will appear that gives you the ability to choose your desired programs or schedules.


  • Use the registration start and end date filter, if you want to have the report for a specific registration period
  • Check the Registration form checkbox to include data collected from your online form


Note: If you do not check the Registration form checkbox its information will not be included in the report.

  • Check the Follow-up forms checkbox if you want to include this information in the report. By checking this box you will see two options: All follow-up forms and Selected follow-up forms.
  • Check the Waivers checkbox if you want to include its information in the report. By checking this box you will see two options: All Waivers and Selected Waivers.


  • Click the Run button, and a PDF report will be downloaded 


Note: In case there are no orders for your programs, you will get a message like the one in the screenshot below.



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