Removing program session dates


Once you have set up your programs, you might need to remove sessions/class dates that do not take place. This can be due to Holidays or "no meet" days. You will have two options, one which is pre-defined for all programs and the second where you can manually remove class/sessions for each program.


Option 1: Select pre-defined dates (i.e. holidays) which will affect all programs

Step 1: Go to Settings → then click on Holiday Calendar. Once you are on the Holiday Calendar you will be able to select particular dates that will be removed from the class description. Note that you will be able to select the full day (am & pm) or specifically am or pm.



Option 2:  Manually adjust class/session dates for an individual program.

Step 1: Go to your Season → then click Programs & Orders to get the list of all your programs under this season. Next, find the program you need to edit and hover over the Actions menu and click on Sessions (see sample below).



Step 2: Once you click on Sessions you will get a list of all the individual sessions (class dates). Hover over the Actions menu of a particular date and select Delete.


Note: You can not undo deleted dates, but you will be able to change the program start & end date and this will reactivate all the session dates. 


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