Surcharge overview

You can configure the shopping cart and add a Surcharge, for example to recover your credit processing fees.

Follow the instructions below

  • Go to Jumbula dashboard > Setting > Checkout
  • Scroll down to find the Additional charges section
  • Tick the Enable surcharge checkbox
enable surchrge 
  • Determine the Amount
  • Enter a Name  
    You must enter the name of the fee as you would want your users to see it in their receipt.
  • Add a Massage
    You can also add text that would show up at the checkout cart. 
  • Click Save 
    Once the surcharge becomes enable, it automatically applies to each shopping cart based on your setup. 

surcharge sections

How surcharge is applied to the shopping cart?

The surcharge is applied to shopping carts based on how you set up its type. You have two options to specify the type:

  • Fixed Amount
    If you select the Fixed option for the surcharge, you must determine how it applies to the shopping cart. You can apply it to:
    • Each order to the cart
    • Once for the entire cart

Screenshot 2021-06-08 215806

In the case that you offer free programs, you can exempt them from surcharge simply by ticking the checkbox below. 


The following screenshot displays a shopping cart when a surcharge applied to each order in the cart. Here surcharge is $10. 

Fixed Surcharge
  • Percentage-based Amount
    When the surcharge is percentage-based, it is calculated based on the total amount of the cart. Then it breaks down into some smaller amounts to apply to each order in the shopping cart.

    Below is an example of a shopping cart to give you an idea of what registrants will see. Here the surcharge is 10%. 

shopping carts

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