Take-a-payment overview


Once you have taken online registrations where you did not take a payment in full you will need to update your orders as you collect payments. This can be the case when you use the “cash/check” checkout option or when you offer a payment plan. You will be able to do this from your admin dashboard with a few steps. See below to learn more.


Step 1: Go to your order details and click on the Take a Payment icon located on the top right-hand side. If you go directly to Programs and Order you will also have the option to select the Take a Payment option from the actions menu.

From "view details"


From "action list":


Step 2: Once you are in the Take a Payment screen you will manually add the amount and then will have a couple of fields to complete.

First, you will select “How would you like to take a payment”, and will have three options listed below. See screenshot examples for each. 

  • I have already received the payment
  • I want to pay with the family’s available credit, you only see this option if the family has a credit in the account
  • I have the payer PayPal or credit card and want to charge now

Below is a complete example using the first option " I have already received the payment", steps will be similar for all three options.

Take a Payment example:


Confirmation email:


Success confirmation page:


Email confirmation sample:


Order details, updated payment:


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