Text campaigns for class dates

Jumbula is now supporting text messaging to help businesses with their online registration and management of classes. We will be enhancing text messaging based on user feedback and will handle additional use cases.


You can use this feature if you want to send a text campaign to the participants of programs that are held on a specific date. For example, if your classes are canceled due to inclement weather, you can send a campaign to everyone who attends the class on that date and inform them of the cancellation.

Note: We currently support sending text campaigns to classes. We will be enhancing the system to support other program types such as camps.

Follow the instructions below to create a text campaign:

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard > Campaigns > Text campaigns
  • Click For class date or click the (+) icon on the top right corner of the page.

Fill out the required fields to set up your text campaign:
  • Select the class date from the Class date box.
  • Select your desired Season type and Year from the dropdown boxes. Note that season type refers to the type of the season such as fall or spring, it is not the season name. If you want to use the season name option, click on Switch to season name view.
  • You can include all the programs in a season by selecting the All programs option or you can select specific programs by selecting the Selected programs option.
  • Click Continue.

  • Enter your specific text campaign name in the Campaign name field.
  • Check the recipients' list, if you want to remove a student or a specific program from your campaign, just uncheck the box next to their name.
  • Click Continue.

  • Type your specific content in the Text body section.

Note:  You can enter up to 160 characters for the message.

Note: In order to prevent any errors, type the content directly in the Text body section, do not use copy and paste. If you want to  copy from another source, ensure you are not copying HTML tags.

  • Click Continue.

  • If you want to send the campaign immediately, select the Schedule now option from the dropdown menu. Otherwise, select the Schedule later option to schedule the campaign for a specific date and time.
  • Click Continue.

  • Preview all the data you have entered. If everything looks good, you can move on and click Submit to send your text campaign.


After submitting the text campaign, you will be directed to the Text Campaigns page. This page lists all the Text campaigns that you have scheduled, drafted, or canceled. From this page, you have the ability to resend, delete, continue setup, or view reports.

Hover over the ... in the Actions column to see the various actions you can perform on a text campaign.


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