Tuition proration


If you offer ongoing registrations, you might need to prorate your price based on when the registrant is starting. You can use our Prorating feature to reduce the tuition price for sessions that have already passed. This article will provide you with steps on how you can set this up when you are creating a program

Step1: When setting up a program you will find the prorating feature under the second step “Schedules”, located in the “Tuition Labels” section.

The first step is to check the corresponding box, see the example below:


Step 2: Once you have checked the box you will see 3 boxes, in the first one you can select which date you want prorating to start.


Step 3: On the second box select which is your Same-day prorate policy. If you choose "after the session starts", this is based on the program start time or if you want to prorate only after the program has ended you then select "after the session ends".


Step 4: The third box will define the amount to be reduced per each session that has passed.

For example, if you have 10 sessions and your price is $100 for all session, you might decide to price each session at $10, this means that if three sessions have passed then $30 are getting discounted from $100.


Note1: Prorating works only with single program registrations, not with multi-class registration mode.

Note2: The days which are set in the holiday calendar would not be prorated.

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