What are the Organization and User options under discount setup?

Percentage-based discount is calculated based on the original price of orders. User and Organization are the means to control the discount amount in this type of discount.

While setting up a percentage-based discount

In the Application order section, there are two options that limit the discount amount.

appliction orders

  • Organization
    By selecting the Organization, the system will apply the discount in favor of your organization. In other words, the discount will be less than the alternative User option. Therefore discount will be applied to the cheapest order in a cart, which results in a lower discount amount. 
  • User
    In contrast, selecting User means the discount will favor your users. To rephrase it, users will get the highest discount amount that is possible; so it will be applied to the most expensive order in a cart, which results in a higher discount amount. 

The following screenshots display how these different discount options are applied to the same shopping cart. You can compare them to get a better understanding. 

Organization option is selected (discount amount is 10%)


User option is selected (discount amount is 10%)



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